Patient Advocacy in The News

“People usually come to me when they’re overwhelmed,” says Lawten, who spent more than three decades as a critical-care nurse and then in the medical device industry before switching careers to co-found Sagemont RN Healthcare Advocates in Boulder four years ago. She only handles insurance issues in the context of broader advocacy work for clients. But the two are often inextricable because, in such a complex system, it’s easy for a patient to make an innocent mistake that can exact a high cost."

- Secondary Trauma - Who helps patients when medical billing gets out of control? Joe Lindsey, 5280 Health Magazine 2018

"A medical issue can spring up with sudden ferocity and even savvy patients find themselves overwhelmed when trying to navigate care and insurance. Private health-care advocates can help - typically for a fee. They help resolve medical billing problems, fight insurance-coverage denials, aid in complex medical decision-making. Some even accompany patients to doctors' offices and other care settings."

 - Advocates Can Help,  Wall Street  Journal,  April 17, 2011     

"Seniors are particularly vulnerable since they often have multiple chronic diseases and multiple specialists. The lack of care coordination can lead to errors in treatment, including medication errors. Advocates play a strong role in this care coordination and can ensure that all doctors are on the same page and develop a cohesive care plan for the patient." 

- Boulder County Health Care Advocates Help Patients Navigate Car Plans, Charges. Vince Winkel - Longmont Times Call November 13, 2015

"If you are in good health but find yourself in a medical emergency and would like someone in your corner, ask the hospital staff if they have any advocates in-house. You can also hire an independent patient advocate who has only your interest in mind."

- Patient Advocates: The Coach in Your Corner for Taking on the Health Care System, Lacie Glover  - Nerdwallet, January 21,2016


"You would like to think that if you were diagnosed with a serious condition like cancer or heart disease, your doctors would coordinate and oversee every aspect of your care," says Gail Gazelle, MD, assistant clinical professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and founder of the Boston-based patient advocacy group MDCanHelp. In the real world, though, "doctors are frequently double- or triple-booked, and they simply may not have time to communicate with your other treating physicians or explain the nuances of all your medications," she says."  

How to Find a Healthcare Advocate, Leslie Goldman,

"Medicine today is a team sport that requires the care of multiple specialists, different departments, and lots of tests,” says James Merlino, chief experience officer of the Cleveland Clinic. That’s why so-called patient advocates or navigators are among the newest members of the healthcare team, working for hospitals, healthcare organizations, or private clients. Many advocates have a background in nursing, social work, case management, or law."

Patient Advocates in Your Corner, Elizabeth Pope  US News & World Report, October 9, 2012

"As a doctor and a patient, I’ve seen how valuable it is to have "another set of ears and eyes" in the exam room. Having an advocate at medical appointments or during a hospital stay can ensure that you get the information you need to manage your health. "

Why You May Need a Health Advocate , Carolyn M. Clancy, M.D., AHRQ, July 23, 2010  AARP Bulletin