Your health.  Your voice.

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Throughout my career as a healthcare professional, I have seen our medical system become more specialized but fragmented, more confusing and simply difficult to navigate. I routinely meet many who struggle to manage the overwhelming details and unknown aspects of their illness while trying to confront a condition that impacts every aspect of their daily lives.

Sagemont RN Healthcare Advocates exists because of my commitment to minimize the frustration, confusion and uncertainty that often accompany an illness. My mission is to provide the guidance and support for those with a new or chronic diagnosis and ensure their needs and goals are understood and followed by healthcare providers."

 - Judy Lawten, Managing Director


Any medical diagnosis – minor or complex, acute or chronic - can force a person to embark on a journey to an unwanted destination where everyone is speaking the foreign language of medicine.  How does one even start to understand, manage and act on all of this information while facing the angst that usually accompanies an illness, a new or pending diagnosis, upcoming surgery, or even a chronic illness?

Sagemont RN Advocates help to streamline the often overwhelming flow of information, decisions and complexities of the healthcare system.  Our RN Patient Advocates also strive to help you get the appropriate focus and care that you need and deserve.