Client Voices

Some Experiences Shared
by People We Have Helped

"Unless you are educated in medicine, a complex medical situation can be very daunting and difficult to manage, especially if you are the patient and more so if you are a senior citizen.  Judy Lawten stepped in to help my 84 year old father navigate his numerous medical conditions, including two ocular occlusions, diabetes, a total knee replacement and a bit of memory loss. 

Judy was like a bird dog managing the details of the appointments, getting the information from one doctor to the next and following the details of his overall care plan.  Dad was working with doctors in two different states and just staying on top of appointments, medications and lab tests quickly became overwhelming.  Judy was the able to drill down quickly to the important take aways and next steps in his care plan.  She attended doctors’ appointments with him, helped him understand his physician's assessment and gave him resources that allowed Dad to further educate himself about his condition. 

Having an RN Advocate can make all the difference in the world.  Judy is outstanding at what she does and we are very grateful for her service.  I truly can’t imagine what navigating this would have been like without Judy and Sagemont."

- Diane, Niwot, CO


"Sagemont really acted as a proxy family member for us. Our loved one, R., had significant physical and communication challenges. Sagemont enabled us to keep R. at home, even after his wife (his primary care giver) passed away. Living in another state, I really needed to be able to trust someone to act in his best interest and coordinate his medical care. They really pulled through, staying in good communication with me every step of the way. Without them, we would have had no choice but to move him into some kind of facility.  Sagemont allowed him to live out the remainder of his life at home, in a familiar environment."

- Mike, Palo Alto, CA

“Judy was managing my in-laws' medical care. She contacted me when my father-in-law suddenly became bedridden with severe back pain. Although his doctors ordered X-rays and prescribed anti-inflammatories, Judy was convinced his pain was not related to his back.  After a discussion with me, she took him to the local ER where he was diagnosed with a blockage near his kidneys that caused temporary kidney failure.

We were told if we had waited any longer, he would have needed dialysis. We are grateful for Judy’s problem solving skills and sense of urgency that prevented a much more serious outcome for my father-in-law.”

- BMS, Chicago, IL

“My neighbor contacted Sagemont RN Advocates to help coordinate her medical care.  When Judy met with her, she could tell that my neighbor seemed very ill and thought she might be in congestive heart failure. She immediately took her to the ER. The ER doctor agreed that my neighbor was indeed in congestive heart failure, but she was also bleeding internally and had pneumonia. 

The doctor said if Judy had not acted as quickly as she had, my neighbor might not have lived through the night.  I was happy to have Judy, a knowledgeable and concerned partner in my neighbor’s care.”

- Sally, Boulder County, CO

“I met Judy at a very difficult time, shortly after my husband’s ski accident in Colorado.  From the moment she became involved, she brought a great calm and reassuring presence as she used her many gifts to walk me through all that was happening.  She used her experience and understanding to communicate with the professionals at the hospital and then, explained things to me at a level that I could understand-even during a very emotional time.

I believe that Judy would be a great blessing for anyone going through a trauma or negotiating through the medical world as a patient or family member.  She is a persistent seeker of truth and we were blessed to have her walking through a very difficult time with us.”

- Judy D, Boca Raton, FL

“When my father-in-law was seriously injured in a ski accident in Colorado, my husband and I felt helpless, watching from our home in Florida. It gave us such peace of mind to know that he was in the capable hands of Judy Lawten as he moved from one hospital in Frisco to another in Denver. My father-in-law, also a Floridian, spent a total of 11 days in the hospital.  

Judy kept us informed of everything related to his injuries during his entire stay in Colorado. She updated us on his tests, surgeries, and reported back what the doctors were saying about his prognosis. Judy made us feel so secure because we knew that she was for us and fighting on our behalf to get the best care possible and the answers to our many questions. She was such a blessing throughout this scary ordeal, and we truly don’t know what we would have done without her!”

- Elizabeth D, Jacksonville, FL

“After a bad ski accident, which required surgery and hospitalization, my insurance company denied payment for all my medical care and said I was not insured with them.  I was barely able to focus on anything except my pain but suddenly I was in a sheer state of panic at the thought of owing more than $100,000 for all of these medical bills.

After contacting Judy Lawten, an RN Advocate, she was able to get the situation resolved.  I can’t even begin to convey my relief and satisfaction when all of my bills were paid in full.   Judy’s knowledge of the insurance and medical landscape prevented me from having a financial catastrophe."

- Betsy, Lafayette, CO