The medical information may be overwhelming. You may feel hopelessly confused. It may be too emotionally challenging for your family and close friends to help guide you through this process. Your healthcare team is really busy. We can help.

Senior Transistions

Photo for Senior Transitions Screen independent, assisted-living or skilled nursing communities.

Organize home health services.

Work with families who live out-of-state to help assist their parents.

Coordinate transportation and accompany you to doctors’ visits.

Check-in routinely to ensure needs are fulfilled.

Cancer Diagnosis

Photo for Cancer Diagnosis Review the often overwhelming treatment options provided by the healthcare team.

Help you determine goals for your care.

Develop an action plan to help you address questions with your healthcare provider.

Research current clinical trials and check local centers participating in trials.

Be a “third ear” at doctors’ visits.

Accompany you to chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

General Assistance

Photo for General Assistance Coordinate transportation.

Insurance reviews and medical billing.

Coordinate your care plans and goals with multiple physicians and caregivers.

Provide resources and networks for you and/or your family.

Coordinate support and updates for your family and friends.