About Us

Julie and Judy met during a healthcare volunteer meeting in Denver, Colorado. Each one recognized the other’s passion in helping individuals facing life-altering changes in health. Together, they combined their experience and knowledge and formed Sagemont Healthcare Advocates with the goal of helping people lost in the complexity of healthcare decision-making. Their focus is to help individuals with cancer understand and research their choices and to help support seniors in their healthcare decisions.

Julie and Judy wanted a company name that represents life and wellness. Sagemont comes from the Sage Flower, which represents wisdom, long life and good health and “mont” to represent the mountains where the company is based.

Julie Bosworth
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

As an insurance producer specializing in long term care, Julie has seen the challenges that impact the lives of many seniors as their health needs change. It can be a formidable task for any family member – even those who have the time – to help their parents select the right caregivers, assisted living facility or skilled nursing facility. Julie has personal experience with helping her mother who struggled with Alzheimer’s disease. Julie recognized the enormous need to help individuals that are alone or have children that live out of state and to help family members go through this daunting task more efficiently and with kindness and dignity for their parents.

At the same time of her mother’s illness, Julie also faced a personal challenge with her husband’s shocking diagnosis of leukemia and lymphoma. She knows all too well that doctors’ words fly into oblivion and you hear nothing. Trying to take control of your own emotions and maintaining focus is challenging enough. After the shock wore off, Julie recognized the need to be involved and to have a voice in her husband’s medical situation. She learned how to research cancer, clinical trials and options for her husband.  Since that time, Julie has been fiercely supportive of friends, family and clients and helped them to understand their options and help clarify the decision process.

Julie's Experience

Licensed health/life insurance producer

Volunteered with Boomers Leading Change in Health

Volunteered with St. Anthony’s, Centura Health

Boulder Seniors Fitness Instructor

Conversant in Spanish

Judy Lawten
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Judy has dedicated her life to the healthcare field for more than 35 years and has an extensive background communicating with healthcare providers, doctors and nurses. She worked as a hospital-based nurse and had management roles in the medical device field, introducing life-saving or life-enhancing technologies to hospitals. In the past, she worked part time in a skilled nursing facility and learned how difficult and fragile the experience can be for individuals and their families. Like many healthcare advocates, Judy has experienced personal challenges with family members facing serious illnesses and elderly relatives needing extended care. Her work in nursing gave her first hand experience of seeing the struggles of patients navigating the healthcare system, challenges with the decision process and the need for autonomy. Judy made it her mission to help her family, friends and clients understand their options and make sure their goals remained in front of their healthcare providers.

Judy's Experience

Registered Nurse, licensed in the state of Colorado

Certified Senior Advisor

Volunteered with Boomers Leading Change in Health

Volunteered with St. Anthony’s Centura Health

Volunteered with HospiceCare of Boulder and Broomfield Counties